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The only Scratch bakery in town!!

If you are in a hurry and want to grab a quick lunch, stop by and enjoy a few slices of pizza with parm. You are welcome to take a break and savor your pizza here, or if you are in a real rush, bring them along with you. All baking is done here so you can feel confident you are enjoying a fresh, delicious pizza.

Recreate the pizza parlor in your own home

The only thing better than getting the family together to eat a real dinner is getting the family together to actually make the dinner. Come by on the way home and pick up a few fresh dough balls so you can bake your own pizza right at home. Add your favorite sauce and toppings and everyone can have exactly the pizza they want.

Be sure to check out our heavenly baked goods for a sweet ending to your meal. Visit our Cookies and Cakes / Pies page to find out more.

Call: 860-657-4111


Come enjoy a few slices with us

You can visit us 7 days a week to indulge your craving for hot, delicious pizza.

Give us a call to order your sheet pizza or to find out more about our pizza options.

Satisfy your craving for sumptuous pizza baked right on site

Sometimes only the savory flavor and enticing aroma of pizza will do. Whether you want a quick dinner at the end of a long weekday or something special for family time on the weekend, our Italian pizza is a cut above and will meet your craving for something rich and satisfying.


Visit our Wholesale page to find out about our sales to schools, businesses, and other organizations.        

Sheet Pizza (24 hour notice)

Harpos Pizza Pizza